Shred Sisters - Riding with Skills, Strength and Sass

“Do you want to go riding with Pete, John, Tim and Blake this weekend?”

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“Not really – but I guess I don’t have any other options.” This basically sums up my first 10 years of mountain biking.

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 Don’t get me wrong, my husband’s friends were great and I definitely got better chasing the group down the mountain. However, I learned very little regarding bike maintenance as I was the slowest changing flats and bleeding brakes. I had no idea biking could be taught in a series of tangible lessons that made you a better rider instantly with a group encouraging, whooping and laughing alongside you. Enter the Shred Sisters. 

This highly trained group provide unprecedented coaching in both a, “fun and safe environment,” with an equal commitment to ensure as many laughs as learning opportunities. They’ve spun what was once an intimidating sport for many into one that is as accessible as it is exciting. 

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Offering weekend workshops, weekly programs, retreats and monthly events (including yoga retreats and lessons for cycling clubs) as well as customized services, all eighteen of the very skilled, and certified instructors keep busy at their multiple locations in Alberta and BC.

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I was lucky enough to catch up with these women a short drive west of Calgary in Bragg Creek, AB while they were putting on an event for Tervita Corporation. It was amazing watching how the four coaches took groups of women based on their skill and experience and worked with them by doing field drills and playing games. Some had quite a bit of experience and were regular bike enthusiasts whereas others hadn’t been on a bike since they were little girls. Regardless of ability, each woman was laughing and learning, and the environment left no room for egos or anything aside from encouragement and high fives. 

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Everyone was able to get their hands on a high quality bike for the day, and kitted out properly. The barrier of not having proper equipment wasn’t there, enabling participants to focus on riding and having a good time. The Shred Sisters use only the best and have partnered with Rocky Mountain, Osprey, 7 Mesh and POC helmets to give riders the best experience possible. 

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Offering services in Calgary, Bragg Creek and Canmore, Alberta and extending into B.C. in Golden, Invermere, and Kimberlely from downhill riding with jumps and drops, to beginner trails, they will certainly have something that’s just right for you. If you’re a local to one of their areas, or flying into Calgary this summer or fall looking for some outdoor adventure in the beautiful mountains or river valleys, be sure to check them out at and book yourself in for an experience of a lifetime.


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