Lake Night

Last night, when Nick was coming home late, the kids and I decided to pop over to the lake to ride around a little and play. It was calm, warm and beautiful, and I threw the camera and tripod in the truck too.


Our kids' eight o'clock bedtime often swings wildly later, (by hours) and they eat weird blends of bedtime snacks/suppers.  We really struggle making appointments, and in their pretend play, I can often hear them saying, "hurry, we're going to be LATE!" I'm really hopeful that we'll get more organized, and eat better meals, and maybe, one day, get the kids to bed on time. But for now, I'm really thankful for these fun, sun-soaked nights where my heart bursts with love for these smalls, and gratitude to the one who created them, whose love is bigger than mine.